How To Use iPhone Camera Flash As Notification Light – Tutorial


Here's how you can use the iPhone camera flash as a notification light for incoming messages, phone calls etc.

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Android smartphones have an absolute edge over the iPhone in a lot of ways, for example, most of the Android running hardware come packed with a dedicated notification light, allowing you to glimpse at an incoming communication call without having to pick up your phone and turning the screen on. On the iPhone, you have to make do with the screen turning on altogether to check out notifications. But thankfully, deep within iOS's setting options, you can enable a feature which will allow you to use the handset's camera flash as a notification light, and we'll show you today how you can set it up and use it.

Use iPhone Camera Flash As Notification Light

1. Launch the Settings app from your home screen.

2. Scroll down and tap on 'General.'


3. Over here look for an entry labeled 'Accessibility' and tap on it.


4. Scroll down till you reach the 'Hearing' section and tap to turn on the the 'LED Flash for Alerts' option.


With the feature turned on, your iPhone's camera flash will start to blink whenever you receive a new push notification, message or a phone call. If you want to disable the feature, then simply follow the above mentioned steps again and then tap on the 'LED Flash for Alerts' to turn it off. Simple as that.

While the feature is not as good as it should be, especially when you compare it to an Android smartphone, but still, something is better than nothing at this point. We sort of wish that Apple throws in a dedicated LED indicator in a future iPhone model. But given how Apple tends to surprise its audience by doing things which it normally wouldn't, such as introducing a 'stylus' to the world in the form of the Apple Pencil, we have hope that Apple will indeed answer our LED indicator prayers one day.

Till that day arrives, we have to make do with this neat accessibility feature of iOS to take care of our LED notification needs. We recommend that you turn the feature on especially if you happen to find yourself in loud places, as it will allow you to never miss a notification alert if your phone is in your line of sight.

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