New York Has the Fastest Average 5G Download Speeds; Other U.S. Metrics Released in New Opensignal Report

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New York Has the Fastest Average 5G Download Speeds

A new report dives deep into comparing the different U.S. states and cities and how each of them differ when comparing 5G speeds, coverage, various performance categories, and more. According to the latest rankings, New York takes the top spot for fastest average 5G download speeds.

Illinois Takes the First Position in 5G Availability, Laredo for Highest 5G Download Speed

Additional stats reveal that alongside Illinois, Texas delivered the best 5G availability across all 50 states. Unfortunately, the state did not deliver the best experience when it came to download speeds. As mentioned previously, New York users experience the fastest 5G download speeds, with Maryland and New Jersey in hot pursuit.

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“Our 5G users in the state of New York were the only ones to experience average downloads speeds above 100 Mbps when they connected to 5G networks, although Maryland and New Jersey came very close to achieve the three-digit mark with their respective 5G Download Speed of 99.8 Mbps and 98.3 Mbps.

We observed the average 5G Download Speed above 70 Mbps in 26 states — over half — with an additional 12 states passing the 60 Mbps mark, and eight states ranging between 50 Mbps and 60 Mbps. Only Vermont, Maine, Mississippi and West Virginia scored below 50 Mbps in 5G Download Speed, with Vermont ranking last as our users in the Green Mountain State on average experienced 42.2 Mbps in Download Speed Experience.”

In terms of 5G video experience, Nebraska took the top position, with Alaska rated as the worst state for this particular category.

“5G Video Experience across the U.S. was relatively similar as we observed Good (55-65 points) scores in 49 out of 50 states. Alaska was the only state where our users on average had a Fair (40-55 points) 5G Video Experience as it scored 51.9 points on a 100-point scale.

Our 5G users experienced the best 5G Video Experience in Nebraska, Vermont and South Dakota which scored 61.9, 61.8 and 60.2 points, respectively. Most of the other states scored between 57 points and 59 points, while 17 states including Texas and Florida scored between 55 and 57 points.”

As for the state of 5G across the U.S., Opensignal provided the following details, stating that McAllen-Edinburg-Mission was the top-rated state in 5G availability, while Laredo took the top sport for download speeds.

“The amount of time our users spent with an active 5G connection ranged from 10.8% in Utica, New York, to 34.1% in McAllen, Texas.

We observed 5G Download Speed range from 34.3 Mbps in Hagerstown, Maryland, up to well above 100 Mbps in Laredo, Texas, where our users on average experienced 130.7 Mbps in 5G Download speed.”


There are several other metrics provided by Opensignal for various U.S. cities and states, so if you wish, you can check out the entire report by clicking on the source link below.


News Source: Opensignal

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