Upcoming Intel Atom Valleyview 2 Clockspeeds & Details Surface


Starting off, the new line of Intel Atom processors known better as Valleyview 2, just had its details surface with various improvements all over.

Starting off with clock speeds, the standard SKU as VR-Zone reports, will be clocked at around 1.9 GHz. Keep in mind there will be more variants with this to be speeds of its upcoming quad core models. As far as TDP is concerned that will be around 10W, which at this point of time is same as the current D2700 Desktop Atom processor.

As far as the graphics cores are concerned, it would be clocked around 667 MHz that is slightly faster than D2700 yet half the speed of Ivy Bridge graphics cores.

Meanwhile the SKUs that will be shipped with battery powered devices would have a top clock speed of 1.5 GHz and also maintaining themselves in the dual core segment. One notable thing however is the TDP will be lowered to around 3W. The graphics core clocks would be at 350 MHz (50 MHz slower than the N2600) and also equivalent to the lowest GPU core speed on the upcoming Ivy Bridge Ultrabooks.

Dimensions wide the Desktop SKU aka Type 3 will measure 27x25mm whereas the mobile SKU (Type 4) will span only 17x17mm.