Upcoming 11-Inch iPad Pro Will Ditch mini-LED Display, Will Remain Exclusive to the 12.9-Inch Model

Ali Salman
11-Inch and 12.9-Inch M2 iPad Pro With Mini-LED Display

Apple is planning to launch new iPad Pro models later this month with a boatload of changes and upgraded internals. According to the latest, only the 12.9-inch iPad will feature a mini-LED display, while the 11-inch model will stick to the same LED Liquid Retina display.

Only The 12.9-Inch iPad Pro Model Will Come With a mini-LED Display, While The 11-Inch Model Will Stick to the Liquid Retina Display

The news comes from Ross Young on Twitter, reaffirming past rumors that the 11-inch iPad Pro will miss out on the mini-LED display this year. If you want an advanced mini-LED display on your iPad Pro this year, you will have to spend extra and get your hands on the 12.9-inch model. Initially, it was rumored that Apple will expand the mini-LED display technology to both models of the iPad Pro, which includes the 11-inch model.

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The mini-LED display was introduced last year in April with the 12.9-inch iPad Pro. It brings deeper blacks, enhanced color accuracy, and a "stunning visual experience" to the iPad. While the LED Liquid Retina Display is pretty great, it lacks higher brightness, extreme dynamic range, and deeper blacks. Display analyst Ross Young coins that the 2022 iPad Pro models will feature the same displays as last-generation models.

11-Inch and 12.9-Inch M2 iPad Pro With Mini-LED Display

As for what you should expect, the new iPad Pro models are expected to come with upgraded internals, potentially the new M2 chip. With the M2 chip, the iPad Pro lineup will offer enhanced performance capabilities and better battery life compared to the M1 chip. It has been reported by Mark Gurman that Apple will not host a digital event but announce the new iPad Pro models through a press release with updates on its official website.

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