Undisputed Boxing Game will Enter Early Access On PC Come January 31

Ule Lopez

Today we just saw the announcement of when the boxing video game Undisputed will enter Early Access on PC. Steel City Interactive announced that the game will enter Early Access on Steam come January 31. The game will launch with both online and offline modes and a massive roster. Of course, an announcement trailer comes with this announcement, which you can see below.

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Undisputed Boxing Game Will Be Published by PLAION

Undisputed is a boxing game that comes packed with stunning visuals, deep strategy, and a revolutionary footwork system. The initial roster for the game will include over 50 boxers and 7 venues to choose from for your next fight. The game will also feature a fully-fledged women's division, so everyone will be included. The game will be published by PLAION.

Some of the highlights in the game's initial roster include Tyson Fury, Canelo Alvarez, Deontay Wilder, and Katie Taylor. Undisputed will also launch with offline and online modes, allowing players to face off against friends or AI opponents or go online to compete for a place in the leaderboards.

The game is made in partnership with the World Boxing Council, the British Boxing Board of Control, Empire, and other heavy-weight brands in boxing. All of them will partner up with Steel City Interactive to bring the most authentic boxing experience. The game includes more than 60 individual punches, allowing you to punch from multiple angles and directions.

The footwork system mentioned before will also let you use a Loose Movement modifier to help you move around the ring with ease. In Undisputed, you'll have all the tools you need to create an unbreakable defense. It's all about finding that opening to strike. The game will also introduce new features over the course of Early Access, including Career Mode, Fighter Creation tools, and more boxers and venues to fight on. Undisputed will enter Early Acces on PC via Steam on January 31.

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