Uncharted Movie Delayed – Nathan ‘Spider-Man’ Drake is Still Coming

Nathan Drake has been set to grace the silver screen for a while now. It was three years ago that the film finally had a finished script. It's lost more directors (six) than I've had cups of coffee today (four) and has now hit a delay. At least Nathan Drake himself hasn't changed, with Tom Holland still set to play the human disaster zone. Only, it seems we'll get to see him three months later.

Originally pencilled in for release on December 18th, 2020, it has now been set back until March 5th, 2021 according to Deadline. Under the current situation, it could almost be expected to see further delays as the film looks to find its seventh director, with Zombieland and Venom director Reuben Fleisher being high on Sony's list of possibilities. The current events are not boding well for what is set to be PlayStation Productions first outing, the studio made to create films and more based on all PlayStation IP's.

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There will be an urge to keep this film on track, with there being a constant looming deadline on the availability of Tom Holland. His feature roll in the Spider-Man films, co-produced by both Sony and Marvel, will certainly not be set back as a result of an untested film based on the Uncharted video games. Sony will also be keenly aware of the increasing costs the film is undergoing as aspects get set further and further back and will not want even longer, costlier, delays, causing increasing risks of a box-office failure.

Tom Holland will be joined by Mark Wahlberg, playing the role of Nathan Drake's mentor 'Sully', with further cast members having not been announced (if they have been cast at all). The story, as we're aware, will be that of a younger Nathan Drake and Sully, setting out on their very first adventure together. Stay tuned for further information on the upcoming Uncharted film.

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