The Top 10 SBSettings add-ons/toggles

Abdullah Saad

Last week SBSettings was ranked as the top 10 cydia apps.

A brief review of what SBSettings does:

“SBSettings is a nifty little tool for all sorts of toggles you need for quick and easy access to the settings on the iPhone and iPod touch. SBSettings can be activated by swiping a finger on status bar at the top of the screen, anytime and in any application. It brings up toggles for Wi-Fi, 3G, Bluetooth, Edge, SSH. You can also change brightness settings on the go. One more important feature is the task manager. It shows all the current running apps on the iphone, and gives you the option to kill any process to free up memory.

Tested and working with iOS 4.1”

Here are the top 10 SBSettings add-ons/toggles which you can install to make SBSettings more useful and productive:-

1. Autocorrection SBSettings: What this toggle does is, allow you to quickly turn off auto-correction while typing on the iPhone/iPod touch.  Useful when you’re not writing something in English.

2. Calculator widget: This widget basically adds a little calculator to the SBSettings window. Why you would think is useful when there is a calculator app? It’s useful when you need the calculator when inside another app. You can this calculator by bringing up SBSettings inside any app.

3. Insomnia toggle: This is a very cool little toggle. What it does is it allows the Wi-Fi to keep working, even when your iPhone/iPod touch is in sleep mode or standby. Very useful if you’re downloading something and it stops working when your iPhone goes into sleep mode.

You can also use it to keep your windows live messenger or any other commonly used messenger to keep working while your iPhone is in sleep mode.

4. Lockdown pro toggle: The lockdown pro toggle enables and disables lockdown pro with one click. Pretty useful when you’re using the iDevice yourself.

5. Rotation Inhibitor: This is a very important toggle. What this does is enable and disable the rotation on your iphone and ipod touch. Although the feature exists in iOS 4, but some devices have to be manually enabled for that. This is way easier to use and do.

6. Safari download manager toggle: Want to turn off the safari download manager? This is the only possible way to do it.

7. KeepAwake: KeepAwake is quite similar to Insomnia toggle, except that it doesn’t need Insomnia 3.0. If you’re having troubles with installing Insomnia, you can use this to keep your Wi-Fi active while your phone sleeps.

8. Springflash SBSettings toggle: This small app turns the LED light on the iPhone directly from Cydia! It uses the Bigboss springflash mod.

Requires iPhone 4.

9. Data Usage SBSettings: What this add-on does is, it tells you how much data was used in the previous data usage session. So if you need to know much of data you used while browsing all you need to do is check the statistics by bringing up SBSettings. Requires the Iphone 4 and iOS 4.

10. Vibrate Toggle SBSettings: It allows you to easily turn off/turn on vibration on silent mode. Useful if you use that feature often.

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