Ubisoft Says Apps like Discord, Skype Can Cause Issues in Its Games [UPDATED]

Alessio Palumbo

[UPDATE] Ubisoft reached out with the following comment, essentially discounting most of the previous information shared by the Support team.

Our customer support teams released an article more than three years ago detailing some recommended steps for players to try as a starting point for troubleshooting – it has been removed to prevent confusion. It is not our recommendation that players discontinue use of any specific PC applications unless they are experiencing an issue.

[ORIGINAL STORY] Ubisoft Support shared a list of PC applications that can cause various types of issues, such as crashes or lower than expected performance, if left running alongside its games.

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The list includes extremely popular software like Discord, Skype, OBS, MSI Afterburner, and Overwolf.

Software likely to interfere with Ubisoft games
The following list of examples is not exhaustive and advisory only:
Fullscreen overlays Overwolf
Hardware monitoring software MSI Afterburner, Riva Tuner
Peer-to-Peer software BitTorrent, uTorrent
RGB Controllers or game optimisers Razer Synapse, SteelSeries Engine
Streaming application OBS, XSplit Gamecaster
Software impacting applications f.lux, Nexus Launcher
VPN software Hamachi
Video chat services Skype
Virtualising software Vmware
VoIP applications Discord, TeamSpeak
We also recommend disabling experimental features available through NVIDIA GeForce Experience and Radeon Settings.

The Ubisoft Support even goes as far as recommending the removal of non-Microsoft services.

Identifying problematic non-Microsoft services
You can easily disable multiple non-Microsoft services by following the steps outlined below:
- Press the Windows and keys simultaneously.
- Type msconfig into the box and press Enter.
- Navigate to the Services tab.
- Check Hide all Microsoft services.
Please note that this step is important. Failing to do so will prevent your system from starting up.
Click Disable all or manually uncheck the boxes of the services you would like to disable.
- Reboot your system.
If you choose to disable services manually, you can repeat this process until you identify the problematic one.

Checking if a background application is causing the issue

Before trying the steps outlined, please close all open programs and reboot your system:
- Press the Windows and keys simultaneously.
- Type msconfig into the box and press Enter.
- Choose Selective startup.
- Uncheck Load startup items.
- Reboot your system.
If this has resolved your issue, it is likely that a background application was the cause.
Checking which background application is causing the issue
Before trying the steps outlined in the following guides, please close all open programs and reboot your system:
Windows 7
Windows 8
Windows 10

If the issue does not occur, follow the same steps checking the next startup item on the list.

Repeat this until you come across the issue again - the last startup item you checked will be the one interfering with your game.

Please note that this process will likely lead to disabling the firewall and security software. Once you have finished testing the game, do not forget to re-enable it.

Let us know in the comments section if these steps truly helped you with fixing any issue encountered in recent Ubisoft games.

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