Ubisoft Montreal Target of a Swatting-Style Hoax, Resulting in a Large Police Response


Major Update: According to TVA Nouvelles, the situation at Ubisoft Montreal's offices was a swatting-style hoax. Nobody was injured, although Ubisoft employees barricaded on the roof and in conference rooms were not aware of there was no threat. Police have opened an investigation in order to find the person who sent the threatening call that set off the crisis. We'll keep you updated as more details emerge.

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Ubisoft has issued the following statement regarding the incident...

The entire Ubisoft community in Montreal, in Quebec and around the world is overwhelmed by the events we experienced today and, above all, relieved by their outcome.

Original story and updates: A frightening situation is unfolding at Ubisoft’s headquarters in Montreal, Quebec. According to local Montreal news sources Le Journal de Montreal and TVA Nouvelles, possibly dozens of people are being held hostage in the building housing Ubisoft Montreal at the corner of St. Laurent and St. Viateur streets. Montreal Police have confirmed an operation is ongoing in the area.

Amateur video shot at the scene shows armored police setting up a perimeter around the Ubisoft Montreal offices. Helicopter news footage shows a number of people have barricaded themselves on the Ubisoft Montreal roof. There are unconfirmed reports of others barricading themselves in conference rooms.

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There is no word yet on who might be responsible for the hostage situation, but TVA Nouvelles describes a “group” of suspects and says a ransom demand has been made, so it seems like this isn’t a lone-gunman-style scenario. Montreal Police tactical teams continue to arrive on the scene.

We’ll keep you updated as this story develops and sincerely wish for a quick and safe resolution to the situation.

Update 1: According to CBC News, this situation may have been sparked by an armed robbery...

Update 2: Thankfully, Montreal Police say no injuries have been reported.

Update 3: Ubisoft has commented on the situation via Jason Schreier, saying they are "aware of the situation and working with local authorities."

Update 4: There is some indication this may be some type of swatting-style hoax, but Montreal Police have not confirmed that.

Update 5: Some Ubisoft employees are being evacuated from the building.