Ubisoft Introduces New DRM Which Limits Games To 3 Hardware Changes


Ubisoft is well known for their outrageous DRM; it started with Starforce when Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones released and was later on removed from all games supporting it via a patch and then they made the notorious "Always-On" DRM which required a constant internet connection for single player games such as Assassins Creed 2 and Splinter Cell: Conviction and this was also removed via a patch, But it seems that the new DRM may not have a direct approach of interrupting your game but it silently does it. The new DRM was spotted by Guru3d when they were working on a GPU comparison chart and included Anno: 2070 only to come across the new DRM.

And just when I thought Ubisoft couldn't sink any lower, I completely understand the need of protecting your property but Ubisoft has taken a step too far, while this may not seem like much right now it will affect you in the future say a year or so down the lane when you will want to replay a game with this DRM only to find out your computer is completely changed and that your "activations" have expired and you have to shell out another $60 bucks for 3 more hardware changes.

The new DRM looks at your hardware changes and after 3 changes (Guru3d says that it could be ONLY limited to GPU's but this is yet to be officially confirmed) but I am pretty sure that when Ubisoft support replied "3 Hardware changes" it could mean any type of hardware such as the CPU / RAM / GPU and maybe the HDD too?

Below is a reply from Ubisoft support given to Guru3d when they inquired about the activation limit:

'Sorry to disappoint you - the game is indeed restricted to 3 hardware changes and there simply is no way to bypass that. We also do not have 7 copies of the game for you'.

It comes as a shock that future games could support this DRM and each time you have the upgrade bug you could end up losing out on your video games too! While the game has only been reported to be present on Anno: 2070 so far it won't be soon until we see more titles coming with this and this could be potential DRM for the PC version of Ghost Recon: Future Soldier which is probably why the PC version got a delayed launch date from the console version.

Once again Ubisoft continues to shoot themselves in the foot with outrageous DRM methods but what can you do about it? All we can do is protest until Ubisoft releases a patch to remove the DRM in the future but for now we will all have to bare with it.