Two Point Hospital Bringing Its Medical Expertise to Consoles Later This Year

Two Point Hospital

Usually the hospital is somewhere you want to avoid at all costs, but last year Two Point Hospital made the business of managing a medical facility surprisingly fun. Now that fun is coming to consoles, as Sega and developer Two Point Studios have announced the game is coming to consoles, including Xbox One, PS4, and Nintendo Switch. Check out a trailer for the new console versions of the game, below. 

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Two Point Hospital was developed by a team of former Bullfrog/Lionshead employees, who previously created the well-liked Theme Hospital. Here’s what Two Point director Mark Webley had to say about the game being diagnosed for consoles...

Bringing Two Point Hospital to console is something we always envisioned when starting up Two Point Studios in 2016. Our community’s number one question since launch has been: “When is Two Point Hospital coming to consoles?” Well, it is happening and we are very excited.

Haven’t had a chance to try out Two Point Hospital? You should excited the game will soon be easier to play, as Wccftech’s Chris Wray named it one of the best strategy games of 2018...

The waits highly realistic, even if the ailments aren’t. From psychological issues that lead people into believing they are rock stars, to others with buckets stuck on their heads – these people clearly need a fully-functioning hospital. All of this is glued together with a polished hospital building and administrative game, where you will find yourself taking care of even the smallest details – such as the temperature in a room and the prices of food and drink at your shops and vending machines. Two Point Hospital is one of the best management games to have been released and a fantastic spiritual successor to the legendary Theme Hospital.

Two Point Hospital comes to Xbox One, PS4, and Switch sometime in late 2019. The console versions will include all the DLC released to date.

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