Twitter Will Let You Hide Your Old Tweets from Followers so You (Hopefully) Don’t Get Cancelled

Twitter will let you hide tweets

Twitter’s future privacy plans include the ability to hide tweets from users after a set amount of time.

Twitter will Let you Hide Your Old Tweets and Remove Followers Without Blocking them

The way it will work is actually quite simple; rather than have everyone see your entire timeline, you will be able to set it in such a way that users will stop seeing tweets that are older than 30, 60 or 90 days, or an year, if you like, according to Bloomberg.

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Currently, if you want to hide your tweets from followers, you can set your entire timeline to private. But even then those following you will be able to see what you have posted since day one.

This move is being made by Twitter to keep people comfortable from sharing stuff on the social network, giving users more control over how they present themselves going forward. In short, if you ever said something questionable in the past according to today’s standards, chances of you being cancelled will be at a minimum, unless someone managed to screenshot everything ahead of time.

Starting September, Twitter will ask users to review their privacy on the network. Features like the ability to remove followers will be added as well. This means you don’t have to block people in order to stop them from seeing your tweets; you can simply boot them away and they won’t even know about it.

The archive tweets feature is just a concept at this point, and there is a chance that it might manifest itself very differently, or maybe not at all. However, users will be able to remove followers starting this month.

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