Twitter Highlights Now Available On iOS, Here’s How To Enable It


One of the most useful Twitter feature is 'While You Were Away'. It represents the best tweets in a separate block that you have missed when you were logged off. It provided a great outlook on every important tweet that you might have missed. The extension of this functionality was introduced last year on Android called Highlights. Now, the microblogging site has seen fit to introduce the same functionality on iOS. Let's see some more details on Twitter Highlights and how to enable it.

Twitter Highlights Are Finally Available On iOS

Twitter's Highlights was a neat addition that allowed users to to receive push notifications on a small digest of the missed tweets. There's no doubt the feature was highly important as it allowed users not to miss any important tweet. If you're an iOS user and you felt left out on the feature, it is finally available on the platform.

Highlights tailor the most interesting content based on your conversations with people you know, popular tweets from accounts in your network as well as the latest trends, personalized topics and news. These factors make sure you receive push notifications on the interesting Twitter content that you might like.

To enable Twitter Highlights on your iOS device, make sure you follow the step by step instructions listed below.

  1. The first thing that you need to do is launch the official Twitter app. From the Me tab, press on the gear icon next to the Accounts button.
  2. Tap Settings. Once in, tap on Notifications. Furthermore, tap on Mobile Notifications.
  3. Now next to Highlights, drag the slider to turn Twitter Highlights on.

This is it to enable the feature on your iOS device. You will now receive push notifications when your Highlights are available. Once there are Highlights available, you will be prompted through a notification, sliding it will directly take you to your Twitter app and view your Highlights timeline.

It's definitely big for Twitter even after the backlash that Twitter had to face when it introduced various changes in its timeline. Such features disturb the chronological order of tweets, something that the microblogging site is known for. Nonetheless, the company is all over it and introducing Highlights make the user experience streamlined across platforms.

You're not always live on Twitter so you miss out on a lot of things, Twitter Highlights will eliminate this hurdle by providing you with the best tweets.

This is it for now, folks. What are your thoughts on Twitter Highlights? Share your thoughts in the comments.