Twitter Has Just Put Out the First Edited Tweet

Furqan Shahid
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Sure, Twitter has made users wait for over 10 years to be able to edit their tweets, but now it looks like the highly requested feature is in the final stages as the platform has gone ahead and put out an edited tweet, making it the first edited tweet on the platform.

Sadly, this exciting news does not come with the fact that we have a concrete release date for the upcoming Twitter feature, but the edit button is apparently in the works, and the new tweet from the company gives us an idea about how the feature is going to work.

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The Edit Tweet Button is Pushing Closer to Reality But Do We Really Want It?

As shown in the test tweet below, the edited tweet will show the "Last Edited" time and date at the bottom of the post. Users can just go ahead and click to see the entire edit history of the tweet with all the previous versions.

We are still not sure about just how many edits the new feature will allow and to what extent it will track the version changes. We are also not sure if the users will get a chance to hide or delete their edit history.

It is also worth noting that the feature to edit tweets is going to come out for Twitter Blue users at first, and once they have access to the feature, the company could potentially go ahead and launch the feature for everyone else.

Again, the purpose of this button is to make sure that everything is a lot more streamlined, and the ability to edit features would help people stay away from the typos that can normally take place in a tweet, especially when you consider the faster nature of the platform.

Do you think the edit tweet button is something that you want, or is it something that you can live without? Let us know your thoughts below.

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