Twitter Looking To Expand 140-character Limit With New Product


Twitter imposes a 140-character limit on tweets which is quite a hurdle for someone who has more to share. Even though consistent users have become used to the limitation, one will always want more room to tweet. In this regard, Twitter is planning to shape things a little differently. Twitter is planning to introduce a new product that will remove the 140-character limitation from the tweets.

Re/code reports that the social networking giant will launch a new product soon that will remove the character limitation. One thing that the report failed to mention or did not quote was the product itself. There are no details what the product really is and how will it integrate with Twitter to remove the 140-character barrier. Even though there are a lot of educated guesses surfacing, some of the well known include Twitlonger service, that redirects to a page that shows longer tweets.

Let's dive into detail for Twitter's upcoming product that can expand character limit from the aforesaid 140-characters.

Twitter's New Product Will Lift 140-character Quota From Tweets

Twitter remains inaudible on any details. However, we can also conclude that Twitter's forthcoming service could mean something entirely different than what we're expecting. Another aspect that Twitter has taken into considerations is the removal of character count of links and usernames. This will ultimately increase the real word count of the tweet since none of them are devoted to the links and usernames.

The social networking giant has been accused in the past of limiting the word count. The issue has also been a subject of discussion internally at the company. Since Twitter is working effectively toward scoring more users in its base, the company does need an update or product that can speed things up. Some previous attempts by Twitter to expand the word count includes the removal of 140-character limitation from the private messages and an option for comments on the shared tweets. This gave room for some potential users to be part of the user base. The private or direct messaging services roamed to be more of a chat or messaging app after the limitation was removed.

Removing the 140-character limitation from tweets is a viable option since it would cater a larger audience. One of the company's biggest rival Facebook has no such limitation on status or posts, which can be regarded as a competitive move by Twitter. The 140-character limitation has been here since day one and we think it's time twitter lifts the quota.

This is it for now, folks. What do you think about Twitter's forthcoming product? Will the company be able to target more audience with this product? Let us know in the comments section below.