tvOS 10 Will Be Available for Download on September 13th


The final version of tvOS 10 for Apple TV 4 devices will be available to download on September 13. We have more details right here.

Get Ready to Download tvOS 10 Final Version on September 13

tvOS 10 will be available to download for Apple TV 4 users on September the 14th. If you have an Apple TV 4 device at home, you will get the update over the air, while you also have the option to install the newfound operating system from scratch as well. Depending on which route you take, we will, as usual, show our readers how to install tvOS 10 final version the right way.

If you’re a registered developer with Apple, then you can grab the tvOS 10 GM build right after the entire iPhone 7 keynote. The build will likely be the final version which consumers will see on September the 13th, but things can take a u-turn if a last minute bug is found by Apple, forcing the company to release the second Gold Master candidate build of its new Apple TV software. We sincerely hope that does not happen and everything remains on track.

If you lift the lid up, you’ll notice tvOS 10 is not a big release. Instead, it focuses on very little things that improve the overall experience of consuming content on the big screen. One of those things is the addition of a new ‘Dark Mode’ that turns the light down for the UI elements, assuring that things are easy on the eye when the curtains are closed.

We really wish Apple had thrown in a little extra into the mix to make tvOS 10 even more awesome, but given how much the software already packs under the hood, it’s fairly obvious no extra room is left for improvement at this point in time.

Maybe we’ll see something mighty on the big screen when tvOS 11 makes the headline next year, right?

Wrap Up

Save the date - September 13 - as you’ll be able to download the final version of tvOS 10 on that day. Also, we recommend performing a clean install of tvOS 10 on your Apple TV 4 as it ensures that you get maximum benefit from the software in terms of performance. Just be sure to source yourself a USB-C to Type-A cable beforehand if you're planning on taking the clean install route.

We will be back on final release day with a handful of guides, tips & tricks and whatnot. So stay tuned to our coverage in the days to come.

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