tvOS 10 GM Build for Apple TV Has Been Released


Apple has released tvOS 10 GM build for Apple TV users. The download is available from the Apple Developer Program website.

Apple TV Receives tvOS 10 GM Build - Developers Only

In all that software noise Apple pushed out the GM - Gold Master - build of tvOS 10 to developers as well. As you’d expect, this build will hit the end user download channel in a few days' time until or unless an unexpected bug surfaces at the very last minute to spoil the party. In that case, Apple will push out a second GM build to developers, or just go ahead with the final build with the appropriate fixes in place while pushing out a small update for developers to patch all the quirks.

Developers are requested to download and install tvOS 10 GM right away as it’s a great way to test out their apps and games on a near bug-free platform before hitting that ‘publish’ button. Regular users on the other hand will get the full and final build in a few days, which, quite frankly, is worth the wait.

In terms of features, tvOS 10 is a pretty mundane update. In fact, Apple pushed out so much in the initial release that it left absolutely nothing to be desired this year. Hence, tvOS 10 builds on top of already solid foundations by bringing to the fore features such as a much-requested ‘Dark Mode,' improvements to Apple Music, Photos while also including bug fixes and performance improvements.

All in all it’s a slick update if you’re already satisfied with tvOS as is. But if you’re looking for something groundbreaking, then you might be disappointed in a lot of ways. Still, it’s a platform for consuming content which is being handled quite well. What more do you expect from it?

Wrap Up

tvOS 10 might come as a disappointment for some in a lot of ways. But if your primary focus is content consumption and not feature additions then you’ll be least bothered by what is on offer. Still, we encourage everyone to go ahead with installing tvOS 10, especially those who can do it right away before anyone else.

Once tvOS is available to download for end users, we will inform everyone about it and we will guide our users on how to install it using easy to understand steps. Till then, sit tight and prepare yourself for tvOS 10!

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