How to Install tvOS 10 GM on Apple TV 4


Here’s how you can download and install tvOS 10 GM on your Apple TV 4 set top box in a few easy steps.

Assuming that you have an Apple Developer Program membership at hand, simply follow the steps outlined below in order to download and install tvOS 10 GM on your Apple TV 4 unit.

Install tvOS 10 GM on Apple TV 4

1. Head over to the Apple Developer Program website and sign in using your account.

2. Click on the ‘Discover’ button at the top of the site.

3. Now click on ‘tvOS.’

4. See the blue ‘Download’ button on the top right hand corner? Click on that. It will take you straight to the download page where you’ll find all the pre-release bits of tvOS 10 as well as other piece of software.

5. Look for the ‘tvOS 10 GM Seed’ and click on the ‘Download’ button next to the Restore Image option.

6. Once downloaded, launch iTunes and connect your Apple TV 4 unit to your computer using a USB-C to Type-A cable. You can easily find this cable on a site like Amazon and is worth the investment if you love fiddling with your Apple TV a lot.

7. Select your Apple TV device from the top left hand corner of iTunes.

8. Now hold down the left ‘Option’ key (Mac) or left ‘Shift’ key (Windows) and click on the ‘Restore Apple TV’ button.

9. Select the tvOS 10 GM IPSW file you downloaded from the Apple Developer Program website and let iTunes work its magic.

The restoration process will barely take a few minutes and iTunes will inform you about the completion. Once that is done, simply unplug your Apple TV 4 from your computer and plug it back in to your TV set.

Wrap Up

It’s highly likely we won’t see another GM release of tvOS 10 and the very same build will end up being seeded to the public later in a few days. Even if Apple does push out a new GM build, users can simply grab it over the air from the System menu in Settings app. Or, you can take the fresh installation route by going through the above laid down process. It’s entirely your call which road you take as long as you’re sitting on the GM seed of tvOS 10.

Do let us know in the comments section if you installed tvOS 10 GM on your Apple TV 4.