Last of Us TV Spot Shows Us a Dog Eat Dog World


The Last of Us comes from the brilliant minds who were behind the Jak and Daxter Trilogy on the PlayStation 2 and more importantly helped introduce the spectacular Uncharted trilogy on the PlayStation 3. The game will be unlike any of their any other games because it will offer a whole other side that was previously alien to anyone who has played a Naughty Dog game, The Last of Us paints us a dark and gritty future where the weak die and the strong survive, no one helps deliver this message better than Ellie, one of the games protagonists.

Last of Us

The Last of Us, Where good guys will definitely finish last in this world.

The Last of Us tells the tale of Ellie and Joel, two people who go through various tests and trials in a cruel world infested with mutated monsters along with the scavengers who are looking to survive in the vicious world.

The latest TV Spot has Ellie telling us about how Joel has had to do some pretty terrible things, but since the world has more or less gone to the dogs, Joel decides to justify his actions by saying how those who follow morals don't survive, Ellie will be under the tutelage of Joel as she learns this lesson.

The world has truly gone to the dogs in the latest trailer, if Ellie and Joel aren't fighting for their lives against the vicious mutated monsters of the world around them, they will be watching every corner they turn for people who will be looking to do them harm.

Ellie and Joel will seek the aid of a select few people on their journey but the strong and memorable message of Joel will prove true to Ellie as she see's how cruel of a place the world can truly be.

The Last of Us comes out June 14th and those of you who have God of War: Ascension will be able to play the early access demo at the end of the month!