Tunic Announced for Nintendo Switch; Launches September 27

tunic nintendo switch

Tunic, the action-adventure from publisher Finji and developer Andrew Shouldice, is coming to the Nintendo Switch next month.

The arrival of this gem was announced during Nintendo's Direct broadcast just now. The game will arrive later this month on Nintendo's hybrid platform on September 27.

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Tunic was released earlier this year for PC and as a timed console-exclusive for Xbox Series X|S. It was later confirmed that the game would also be coming to PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 this September. Here's what we wrote about Tunic in our very own review:

Don’t get me wrong, Tunic’s world remains fascinating, and some may welcome the additional late-game challenge. There’s nothing inherently wrong with taking notes from Dark Souls, I like From Software games myself, but I feel like Tunic initially promises something a little different than it delivers in its home stretch. It isn’t just a question of challenge either, as Tunic’s accessibility options include a “No Fail” mode that ought to allow almost anybody to finish the game. Pacing is also an issue, as the game takes its left turn just as the story feels like it’s reaching some climax, staggering the momentum it had built up. The game eventually regains it, but it takes a while.

More than most games, I feel like your reaction to Tunic will come down to your personal taste, gaming history, and level of patience. I loved the first part of the game, but then, I’m the precise target audience – an old Zelda fan who’s been playing since the 80s and used to spend hours poring over every detail of my NES games’ instruction booklets. Perhaps some will enjoy Tunic’s second part more than its first. Reviewers were invited to a Discord for sharing strategies and secrets, which kind of replicated that old “sharing tips on the playground” feeling, but in 2022 is it fair to expect players to venture onto Discord to figure out a game? I’m not entirely sure. My point is, while Tunic does some things very well, it won’t be a universal crowd-pleaser, and in fact, individual players may find their opinion wavering from one part of the game to the next.

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