TSMC Denies Global Foundries’ Claims – Is ‘Disappointed’ With Allegations

The day before yesterday, GlobalFoundries shook the tech world when it announced that Taiwanese fab TSMC has infringed on its patents. GloFo intends to initiate legal proceedings against TSMC in two countries. These are the United States and Germany, with the majority of the filings (16) to be set in motiion in the District Court of West Texas. TSMC isn't the only defendant that GlobalFoundries has mentioned in its suit. In fact, the list of companies under the fab's radar includes Apple, Broadcom, nVidia and OnePlus among 15 others. Now, we've got TSMC's statement on the matter, so head on below for the details.

TSMC Denies GlobalFoundries' Patent Violation Allegations And Claims That All Technology Has Been Developed In-House

In response to GloFo's claims, TSMC's senior director of coroporate information Sun Yowen states that all of the company's technologies have ben developed in-house. She states that TSMC respects everyone's intellectual property, and that the fab will proceed to provide all courts with evidence that opposes GlobalFoundries' claims.

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She further comments that it's impossible for TSMC to infringe on GF's patents, as doing so would not have allowed the fab to be on the forefront of semiconductor fabrication, and as her company intends to prove its case in a court oif law, it's not expedient to comment on sub-judice matters.

In an earlier statement given to Law360, a TSMC spokesperson commented, "We are disappointed to see a foundry peer resort to meritless lawsuits instead of competing in the marketplace with technology. We will fight vigorously, using any and all options, to protect our proprietary technologies.”

GlobalFoundries' claims cover a total of sixteen patents. These cover the very basics of semiconductor fabrication. For example, two of the patents (USPTO 9,355,910 and USPTO 8,581,348) lay out the method to manufacture a semiconductor with transistor interconnects. Transistor interconnets lay at the very heart of a modern chip, ensuring that electrons travel freely and quickly between the billions of transistors present.

nVidia and Arista declined to comment, while a Xilinx spokesperson told Law360, "We are investigating the complaint and will adhere to all legal requirements and respond as appropriate. We have no additional information to share at this time." The rammifications for not only TSMC, but Apple, nVidia and others as a result of GlobalFoundries' lawsuit are immense. If GlobalFoundries' wins, then the products of all the partie named in its lawsuit will be stopped from sales in the US and Germany. We'll have a detiled financial analysis on this soon.

Till then, stay tuned and let us know what you think in the comments section below. We'll keep you updated on the latest.

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