TSMC Starts Off 2018 By Embracing The Future; Lays Plan For New 5nm Plant’s Construction This Year, With 3nm Fab To Follow In 2020

Taiwanese fab TSMC is having a good run. Not only did it win over all of Apple's iPhone orders, the fab will also manufacture processors for Qualcomm, before the latter switches back to Samsung. And now, it looks like TSMC doesn't want to let this growth opportunity go. The Taiwanese press reports that TSMC is making some big investments. These will benefit the company a lot, especially in the future. Take a look below for more details.

TSMC Lays Down Plans For Two Semiconductor Plants In Southern Taiwan; Construction For 5nm Facility Is Ready To Commence

TSMC's having a great run with 7nm. Like Samsung's smartphone business, the Taiwanese fab is eager to consolidate these gains. Its current chairman, Morris Chang will preside over the ground-breaking of a new facility in Southern Taiwan. This will produce 5nm panels, which are likely to succeed 7nm.

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These won't be available until 2020, with trial production commencing in 2019 Q1. Not that we're eager. We'll get 10nm Low Power Plus this year, with 7nm likely to debut next year. As for Samsung? The Korean tech giant has plans which go further than LPP. The 10nm LPU will follow this year's silicon from Samsung's end. After all, the company has adequate time and resources for these developments

TSMC Aims for a $20 Billion Investment for 3nm Chip Production

TSMC will also start construction for a 3nm fab in the same location two years from now. This move will be Moris Chang's last major decision before he retires later this year. The 3nm fab will start production in 2022, according to industry sources. Not only with these moves help TSMC, but they will benefit the firm's supply partners as well. These include Integrated Service Technology and Materials Analysis Technology. Both the firms provide materials testing, conducted at the beginning of equipment installation.

Chunghwa Precision Test Tech will perform wafer probing tests, while Topco Scientific and Wah Lee Industrial will provide chemical materials for the new fab. Looks like 2018 is a good year for TSMC and its partners. How well its products perform and complete with Samsung is a thing for the future. Nevertheless, we'll find out that's for sure. Thoughts? Let us know what you think in the comments section below and stay tuned. We'll keep you updated on the latest.

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