Donald Trump Inauguration Day Will Be Broadcasted Live By Twitter And PBS NewsHour On 20th January

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America’s new and probably one of the most commented on leader, Donald Trump will be taking responsibility on January the 20th and his inauguration will be broadcasted from Twitter. On Thursday it was announced that Twitter and PBS NewsHour were entering into a partnership to live stream a special coverage of the Inauguration day. The broadcast will include everything from Trump taking oath as the 45th President of the United States and Mike Pence taking the position of the Vice President and the complete address and the Parade. The coverage will start at 11 am and end at 5 pm ET on the 20th.

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Judy Woodruff, the managing editor will be the anchor for the broadcast alongside NewsHour correspondents John Yang reporting from the U.S. Capitol and Lisa Desjardins from the National Mall. According to Sara Just, NewsHour’s executive producer and WETA SVP, “The peaceful transition of power from one president to the next is a powerful moment in the American democratic process. And this year, it comes at a time when the country is embroiled in political discourse like we have rarely seen. Streaming public broadcasting’s thoughtful coverage on Twitter will allow more Americans to experience the inauguration and join in discussion around it.”

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Well, I am not so sure about the bit about peaceful transition in this case but this seems to be an interesting partnership. Trump has been a very hot topic for a year now and his taking the internet by a storm has been a very casual affair now. Another interesting thing is that despite the fact that the newly elected President didn’t invite the Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey to his summit with tech leaders last month; the partnership aims to provide coverage for Trump. To view this coverage, you don’t have to be a twitter user. You can catch it all on

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“Twitter is where news and politics are discussed in real time every day, and we're excited to collaborate with PBS NewsHour around this historic event to bring public broadcasting’s live coverage to Twitter," Anthony Noto, Twitter's chief operating officer, said in a statement. Well, this is going to be a good coverage hopefully and maybe we will see Twitter playing an even greater role in shaping Trump’s presidency.


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