US President Donald Trump States Huawei 5G Threat To US, NATO Security

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Donald Trump

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The advent of 5G cellular connectivity has put the United States at odds with her European allies. While 5G networks are far from being official across any European country, they've nevertheless made some inroads as carriers start to experiment with the technology and introduce limited coverage. This experimentation and limited coverage involve equipment from three companies. Two of these, Ericsson and Nokia are European and the third, Huawei, is Chinese.

The tussle between the US and Europe relates to the former asking the latter to not trust Huawei's 5G telecommunication equipment. Now, US President Donald Trump has once again reiterated that his country considers Huawei to be a security risk. Take a look below for more details.

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President Trump Reiterates His Administration's Stance About Huawei Being A Security Risk To America & NATO

The United States bases its argument against using Huawei's 5G gear for telecommunication towers on two premises. The first of these is China's National Intelligence Law which requires Chinese companies to assist the county's security services whenever the government deems such cooperation necessary. This naturally irks the United States, with the country fearing that such cooperation can take place during both peacetime and wartime.

The second premise states that Huawei's equipment is susceptible to security backdoors, which compromises the data that it transmits. Such compromises, believes the United States, leave communications between the country and its allies at risk of interception by Chinese authorities or other malicious agents that might or might not be acting on behalf of the Communist Party.


Now, speaking at the NATO summit in England, United States President Donald Trump has once again stated that Huawei is a threat to the US and her NATO allies. The president also believes that America's European partners will not proceed with using Huawei's equipment in their cell towers, based on discussions that he's had with them. In its declaration made at the summit, NATO also stated that the body understands the need to use only secure communication systems for its needs.

As per the declaration issued today, NATO stresses that it:

" . . .will continue to increase the resilience of our societies, as well as of our critical infrastructure and our energy security.  NATO and Allies, within their respective authority, are committed to ensuring the security of our communications, including 5G, recognising the need to rely on secure and resilient systems.  We have declared space an operational domain for NATO, recognising its importance in keeping us safe and tackling security challenges, while upholding international law.  We are increasing our tools to respond to cyber attacks, and strengthening our ability to prepare for, deter, and defend against hybrid tactics that seek to undermine our security and societies. We are stepping up NATO’s role in human security.  We recognise that China’s growing influence and international policies present both opportunities and challenges that we need to address together as an Alliance. "

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