Trump Announces Temporary Closure Of Canadian Border To Stem The Coronavirus (COVID19)


President Donald Trump has announced that the United States will temporarily close its Canadian border to "non-essential traffic" to stem the Coronavirus (COVID19) outbreak. This is a move that follows after the European Union's move to close its external borders to non-citizens.

The United States closes its Canadian borders to non-essential traffic

Canada's PM Justin Trudeau has already announced that it will be closing its borders to non-citizens so this move is not unexpected. International borders have been closing all over the world as companies rapidly shut down cross-border transport to hinder the spread of the pandemic. It's worth pointing out that trade will be unaffected so that means shipments and posts are still going through.

The announcement was shared in a tweet:

The situation with the Coronavirus is quickly going from bad to worse and global markets all over the world are reacting to a possible worst-case scenario. Here is the catch though, if the report shared by Imperial College is accurate (and there is no reason to think it isn't) then we are likely looking at one of the worst possible situations in history. This is the same report which forced the United States to take extreme precautions. I would recommend that everyone that has the slightest interest in COVID (which should be everyone) give this thread a read:

The simulation that the Imperial College ran points to there being no easy way out of this pandemic. Evidence points to this not being a seasonal strain and will probably not dissipate with summer. If that is the case then people will have to stay in quarantine till a vaccine is available or at the very least assume a 1-month open - 2-month quarantine cadence till the whole population is vaccinated. Failure to do so will result in large portions of the population dying out.

Interestingly, the paradox of preparation will play a big part as well. One of the biggest observations with effective containment and prevention systems is that if they work well, people think its an overreaction. If all of the quarantine works and very few people die before the vaccine is made available, in hindsight, people will think this was an overreaction.

Globalization has been paused and countries are snapping back to pure nationalism. With US discussing a universal basic income to help its citizens in need we are deep in uncharted territory as far as the economy goes as well. One thing is for certain, if the Coronavirus turns out to not be affected by summer, we will have a very tough few months to go through.

How well do you think are countries preparing for COVID19?
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