Trials of Mana New Footage Showcases Labyrinth of Ice and More

Trials Of Mana

New Trials of Mana gameplay footage has been shared today, showcasing many of the game's features.

The new video, shared on the PlayStation Blog, showcases traveling on the world map, the Labyrinth of Ice dungeon, complete with the boss battle against Fiegmund, character training and more.

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Square Enix joins us to show off Trials of Mana gameplay against Fiegmund, the Water Benevodon. See how this gorgeous remake re-imagines boss battles, combat, and more with our hands-on session.

Trials of Mana is the remake of the third entry in the Mana series. Unlike the Secret of Mana remake, the upcoming remake will come with plenty of new features and mechanics not found in the original game.

Trials of Mana looked good, sure, and played as well as you would expect, but those points felt minor compared to the real takeaway: this is a full remake. While Secret of Mana felt somewhat lacking, this remake delivers on every mark, a complete modernization of the old Mana games, akin to Final Fantasy VII's remake. It's certainly not going for realism like FF7R, but everything here is being brought up to scratch, not simply replicating the original game but in 3D.

Trials of Mana launches on PC, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch on April 24th.

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