New Last of Us Trailer Shows Nothing Is Ever As It Seems

Rizwan Anwer

The Last of Us was without a shadow of a doubt one of Naughty Dog's biggest surprises of the year 2011, after the success of Uncharted 3 the developers revealed a project that they have been working on for a long time now and most of their man power was dedicated to this game even when Uncharted 3 was under development. The Last of Us is a story of a man and a girl who forge an alliance to help keep each other alive, Ellie (the girl) and Joel (The aged man) are both survivors of an epidemic which has taken the city by storm, in a world of dog eat dog its only fair that they should watch their backs more carefully.

The latest trailer of the game shows us that its never truly safe to be in New York, you let your guard down or get off guard can be difference between getting out of an ambush alive or falling for one. The latest cinematic shows us Ellie and Joel going for a nice quiet drive in post apocalyptic New York until they see a "wounded" man in need of help, where Ellie lets her emotions blind her Joel is able to out smart the bandits and saves himself and Ellie from an ambush until they get T-Boned by a bus pushed downhill by the same bandits.

Once again Naughty Dog have outdone themselves in every possible way, they deliver an amazing story with characters who show life in them and are not just pixels and animations put together just for the sake of making a video game. While there is no proper release date announced for the Last of Us as of yet I am highly optimistic of a Q4 2012 Release date (November preferably) or as far as a 2013 release date too but one thing is for sure that this will definitely be a PS3 exclusive and we won't have to wait for a PS4 to play this game.

And just in case you were wondering the song playing in the background of the video is "Alone and Forsaken - Hank Williams"

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