Toss a Coin to Your Witcher – Mod Adds Song to The Witcher 3, More From the Show Coming Soon

If there's one thing that can be said about The Witcher series on Netflix, it's that there's one song that has spread further than the series itself, generating at least one excellent metal cover. It's a song that has propelled Jaskier (or Dandelion) beyond his position in either the novels or the games, of which he is excellent in both. If it isn't obvious which song it is, then you more than likely haven't read the title of this piece. The song is Toss a Coin to Your Witcher and it's now in The Witcher 3.

Sure, this isn't some extensive mod adding a huge swathe of content to The Witcher 3. Nor is it a mod that adds Henry Cavill and my future wife, Anya Chalotra, to the game. No, this is a simple mod, originally posted a week and a half back by user BoxManLocke, that is now getting traction. It's a simple mod that adds the aforementioned song to The Witcher 3 in English, Polish, German, French and Brazillian Portuguese.

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Naturally, comments in the mod are requesting more languages of the song and linking to other excellent covers of the song. BoxManLocke is working on adding more versions to the game but also what is essentially whole Witcher series soundtrack to the game, with a comment on the upcoming mod that says:

Some news about the atmospheric/immersive playlist : I've decided that it will be a standalone mod.

Considering the amount of work it will take and how radically different it will be from this, it doesn't make sense to have it squished in the middle of all the other Toss A Coin files.

Also, on top of having different variations of the Toss A Coin theme, it will include a bunch of other tracks from the TV show, making it the ultimate Netflix package. Exploration as well as combat will be covered.

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