Top 5 Best Email Client Apps For iPhone, iPad – List


Here's our list of the top 5 best email client apps for iPhone and iPad which you can download today.


Dropbox dropped the horrid news a while back that it is laying to rest Mailbox, an email client for both iOS and Mac, alongside Carousel. If you've relied heavily on Mailbox for all your email needs then you don't have to panic one bit, as we've compiled a list of the top 5 best email clients for iPhone and iPad that you can download straight away, hopefully serving as a viable Mailbox replacement for you.

Spark (FREE)


If you use multiple email accounts on the go, then Spark is the ultimate email client for you. With support for Gmail, Outlook, Exchange, Yahoo and more, topped off with smart search, unified inbox feature, it's the email client to have on your iPhone. And oh, it even has an Apple Watch app!

You can download Spark by tapping on this link.

CloudMagic Email (FREE)


If you're looking for something sleek and overly minimalistic, then CloudMagic Email is the client for you. With support for major email services, as well as Office 365 and IMAP accounts, you can rest assured that CloudMagic Email will get the work done. And like Spark, this one has an Apple Watch app too.

You can download CloudMagic Email by tapping on this link.

Microsoft Outlook (FREE)


Microsoft really knows how to do email on a smartphone or tablet, and things are taken to the next level when you stumble upon the Focus Inbox, prioritizing everything the way it should be. And yes, Outlook has an Apple Watch app.

You can download Microsoft Outlook by tapping on this link.

Inbox by Gmail (FREE)


If you're a frequent user of Gmail, then Inbox is worth a look. It gives you a glimpse of all the important stuff without you ever having to open the email message itself. And of course, there are a lot of smart email features packed inside as well.

You can download Inbox by Gmail by tapping on this link.

Gmail (FREE)


A barebones email client to get stuff done, it's the perfect app if you're a sole Gmail user. And it's absolutely free, so who are we to complain!

You can download Gmail by tapping on this link.

And that concludes our list for today. The best part? Each and every single app we've listed above is absolutely free, so you can install and start using without giving it a second thought.