Top 10 Best Apps for Samsung Galaxy S4

Rafia Shaikh

As the Samsung Galaxy S4 is gaining more and more users, it would be pretty good time to compile a list of all the useful apps that would make your experience with the favorite phone of the year even more improved. Some chatting apps along with music, photography, storage and file managing ones to make your life easy with Android. WCCF Tech will keep updating this post with best apps for Samsung Galaxy S4 that are both popular and practical; so do write to us if you want any of your favorite apps to be included in this list.

Instagram - the app of memories:

Instagram has become the most popular photo editing and sharing app. Capture, edit and share the best moments of your life with your friends and family. Instagram's custom filters and effects can change your pictures or give them a different tone. Use your creativity and then share everything with your followers and others using the hashtags. Download Instagram from Google Play.

Whatsapp - connect easy:

So this is a messaging app that uses your contact list and lets you chat/text with them for free (urmm, over the WiFi). Whatsapp is easily the simplest messaging app you could ever have. No hassles, no clutter, simple text and attachments. Using this app, you can send texts, videos, images and even voice notes to any of your contacts. Every person on your contact list using this app will appear on the list, as the address book is automatically synced with your contact list. Simple and useful! Download WhatsApp from Google Play.

Viber - have the best video chatting experience on your Galaxy S4:

More than 200 million users use Viber for messaging and video chatting. The contact list works just like WhatsApp, syncs the address book and makes a list of the users that have Viber installed automatically. You can also group chat with up to 40 people using this app. Download Viber from Google Play.

Kingsoft Office - best office suite for Android:

This app works as the most complete office suite app on Android, giving you the option to view documents, edit, share them, and also offers PDF support and a dozen other features that you will definitely find useful. Kingsoft Office Suite has nearly a 50 million downloads which does tell you something. Download Kingsoft Office from Google Play.

Evernote - organizing tool:

Evernote keeps notes, to-do lists and voice reminders organized in one place. Thanks to the cloud saving option, you can access your notes no matter what device you are using the app on. Very useful apps for organizing apps in daily life. Download Evernote from Google Play.

File Manager - have access to every file on your Samsung Galaxy S4:

File Manager is a fully featured app allowing you to quickly access files both on the sd card and phone memory. Copy/paste, move files around, add files to cloud storage, search them, compress and decompress and many more functions make this file manager pretty useful. Download File Manager from Google Play.

Dropbox - storage at one place:

Dropbox is the popular cloud storage service. You can access all your files anywhere, anytime with it installed on your phone and computer. Just install Dropbox on you PC, store anything you want and access wherever you want. You can even share photos, albums and videos with your friends, email contacts directly from the app. Download Dropbox from Google Play.

Spotify - free music app:

Not actually all free as a monthly subscription of $10 is required but with that amount Spotify gives you access to an unlimited pool of music without needing to actually buy the songs. You can also download the songs for offline listening. Download Spotify from Google Play.

SwiftKey Keyboard - predictive keyboard app for SGS4:

Replacing the stock keyboard, SwiftKey is the best keyboard for Android. Swiftkey makes writing text the fastest experience on your phone using the prediction service. The app collects data every time you type anywhere on the device and then puts the data together from all the apps creating your very own personalized dictionary making prediction more accurate. Download Swiftkey from Google Play.

Pulse News - all your news at one place:

Acquired by LinkedIn Pulse News app takes the latest from news sources you add and will present them in a easy-to-read mobile format. Very similar to Flipboard, Pulse News lets users browse stories by source or by subject. Making reading news easy on the go, the app can be customized to your liking and allows you to search for your favorite sites. You can also share the news posts on social media sites, emails and SMS. Download the Pulse News from here.

Mint - for that budget check:

Using this app, you can keep all your personal finance accounts at one place making money managing easy on the go. Create budgets, track your spending and save more money. The app is quite secure as it's passcode protected. When you lose your device, simply logon to and deactivate your device access. Download Mint from the Play.

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