Today’s List of Paid Apps That Are on Sale at the Play Store Including AlmostTI – TI Calc Emulator and More

Watch this space for free games later on today.

Wedding Budget Planner

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Guest List
To-Do List
Wedding Day Schedule
Seating Chart
Search Places Nearby

Download Wedding Budget Planner

CrossStitch Editor Pro

- Produce cross stitch designs up to 500 x 500 in size and 96 colors.
- Convert any image or its portion to cross stitch design.
- Design editing: stitch color change, edit stitch type, fill areas, drawing shapes.
- Stitching from device screen.
- Color palette editing: color change, color icon change, color add and remove.
- Two color presentaion options: letter-digit signs or graphical icons.
- Palettes supported: DMC, Anchor, Gamma.
- Export design to images and pdf files.
- Actual design size calculation.
- Support *.cst format from Crosti for personal computer.

Download CrossStitch Editor Pro

AlmostTI - TI Calc Emulator

To run AlmostTI, you will need at least one calculator system ROM. AlmostTI does not include any calculator ROMs on its own, as they are intellectual property of Texas Instruments. You should place your own ROM, preferably dumped from the calculator you own, onto your internal storage. AlmostTI recognizes following ROM files (in upper or lower case):


TI-85.ROM, TI-86.ROM, TI-81.ROM, TI-82.ROM, TI-73.ROM, TI-83.ROM, TI-83P.ROM, TI-83SE.ROM, TI-84P.ROM, TI-84SE.ROM

Download AlmostTI - TI Calc Emulator

ReactionLab 2 - Particle Sandbox

⚗️ Features:
- Massive reactions list and over 80 elements
- Freely pause and rewind time
- Zoom tool with minimap
- Save creations locally or share them with others online

Download ReactionLab 2 - Particle Sandbox

Filter Calculator PRO (RC, RL, LC, RLC)

- Calculation of frequency-response data based on parameters of filter components
- Selection of filter component parameters based on required frequency-response data
- Calculation of transfer function
- Graphing Bode plot
- Plotting transients
- Export of graphs to CSV files

Supported filters:
- RC low-pass filter
- RC high-pass filter
- RL low-pass filter
- RL high-pass filter
- LC low-pass filter
- LC high-pass filter
- RLC low-pass filter
- RLC high-pass filter
- RLC band-pass filter
- RLC band-stop filter

Download Filter Calculator PRO (RC, RL, LC, RLC)

Computer and IT Quiz

Subjects covered include computer hardware, computer software, Microsoft Windows, Linux, Unix, other operating systems, servers and server OS, networking, troubleshooting, desktop/server virtualization, computer history, programming and scripting languages including C++, Java, Assembly, Powershell, bash and more, microprocessor architecture, software development, laser printers, number bases, Version Control Systems, other technology and computing/ICT areas, computer science and more.

Download Computer and IT Quiz

Periodic table Pro

1) 118 elements
2) Color classification of the elements in the periodic table according to their type, orbitals, state and electronegativity.
3) Basic properties, atomic, electromagnetic, thermodynamic, materials, reactivity, nuclear and predominance of each element.
4) Learn by playing the chemical elements at the easy, medium and difficult level.
5) Search Engine

Download Periodic table Pro

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