You May Not Be Cool Enough for This Tinder Version Designed Exclusively for Beautiful, Hot, Rich, and Famous


As if Tinder was not sassy enough, the dating app has come up with yet another feature that is making many heads turn. Tinder seems to be having a secret, invite-only tier within the app.

According to a report by TechCrunch, Tinder has been operating its secretive layer for six months now. It is named as "Tinder Select," and it is "exclusive to celebrities and people who do extraordinarily well on [regular] Tinder.” The Tinder Select tier is integrated within the app, and only the chosen ones could get into it. For the regular Tinder users who do not fall into the category of rich and famous then you might not even get a glimpse of it. The interface of the secret service is pretty much like the regular Tinder, but the only difference is the type of users on your radar. Also, it works in the same way as normal Tinder, users have to swipe left or right as per their preference.

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Tinder Select

For now, it is unknown how Tinder plans on promoting Tinder Select among the elite crowd. In the report, TechCrunch says that the current pool of users includes “CEOs, super models, and other hyper-attractive/upwardly affluent types.” Well, in our opinion, Tinder's hidden service is more like the elite matrimony service that matches profiles by bank balance.

Only the users who qualify the eligibility criteria, could expect to receive the invite soon. Once you get into the elite world of Tinder Select, you will hold the power of inviting or “nominating” your friend or anyone for joining the secret world of Tinder. The process of inviting someone is named as Tinder Select ranks, and it can only be used once by the member. However, the one nominated for Tinder Select cannot have the same power of inviting anyone else from their profile. The colour code of Tinder Select is Navy Blue, which gives it a separate identity.

Well, we don't think that Tinder Select is something that you might vouch for because the regular app has just as many good matches. As for the hot-looking, wealthy and famous users, you might get the invite soon. However, if your idea of using Tinder is looking at eye-candies then you might want to get into Tinder Select for obvious reasons.

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