Tile Announces Premium Protect Plan, Will Refund up to $1,000 if Your Lost Item is Not Found

Uzair Ghani
Tile launches new Premium Protect plan for $99

Ahead of the rumored AirTags launch by Apple, Tile just went ahead and announced a new Premium Protect plan for its users, all set to launch this fall.

Tile's Premium Protect Will Cost $99 a Year and Will Pay You up to $1,000 if Your Lost Item isn't Found in Seven Days

Tile literally dominates the Bluetooth tracker space and there's no competition out there that comes close to it in terms of features and security. But it appears as though all of that is about to change as inch closer to the launch of the rumored AirTags by Apple. So, feeling that pressure (apparently) the company has announced a new Premium Protect plan for its users, according to Engadget.

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The Premium Protect plan will be available for $99.99 for an year, but it has one feature which makes it stand out from the already-available Premium tier of Tile. If your product, to which a Tile tracker is attached is lost and cannot be recovered by Tile, the company will reimburse up to a $1,000. But wait, there's a small catch here: not everything is covered under this plan and there are certain conditions before you can make use of Premium Protect.

First of all, you must be subscribed to Tile for at least 30 days, and your Tile tracker must have a working battery. Once you are sure that you cannot find your product within seven days yourself, you can then file for a claim with Tile. It can take up to five days for the request to be received and ultimately the claim to be approved.

Given how massive Tile's network is, and how the company uses crowdsourcing to hunt for lost devices, it goes to show that you can fully lay your trust in Tile when it comes to keeping an eye on your prized possessions. Speaking of which, not every item is covered under the plan. Stuff like medicine, pets, drones, antiques are simply not covered here.

If you are someone who loves keeping tabs on their prized possessions, then it's better to put a Tile on it.

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