Three Years Since Windows 10’s Release and the OS Is Yet to Beat Its Predecessor 


The latest numbers tracking Windows 10 growth rate are out today, revealing that Windows 7 has lost 0.51% market share over the past month. But, the fan-favorite Windows version continues to dominate the market. Marking exactly three years since Microsoft introduced its latest Windows operating system to the world, these stats show that the OS still has some work to do to stop the dominance of Windows 7.

Today's numbers come from NetMarketShare - one of the two analytics firms reporting on the growth rate of the desktop operating system market every month. Last month, the firm had to audit its numbers as its stats showed both the Windows 10 and Windows 7 increasing their market share. As always, it should be noted these aren't the most accurate figures since they aren't official and rely on traffic analytics, which means devices that aren't used for browsing aren't included.

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Windows 10 is yet to end the dominance of Windows 7

The July numbers reveal that Windows 10 went up from 35.71 percent to 36.58 percent, which is an increase of 0.87 percentage points. Last month the operating system experienced a growth rate of 0.97 percent. In comparison, Windows 7 went down to 41.23 percent, losing 0.51 percent. This places Windows 7 a little less than 5 percent ahead of Windows 10, which means at least an additional four to six months before the newest Windows OS version gets over Windows 7.

Microsoft is planning to release the next version of Windows 10 in October, which could help bump these numbers a little bit. However, we are still looking at a long road ahead for Windows 10. With Windows 7 hitting its end of service in January 2020, it appears users - especially businesses - will be left with no choice but to upgrade to Windows 10 by then, if not earlier. Microsoft is also reportedly planning to offer a "desktop as a service" paid plan to help businesses keep their machines up to date in the wake of a constant stream of complaints around buggy Windows 10 updates.

- Microsoft Looking into Monetizing Its Broken W10 Update System with a Paid Desktop-as-a-Service Plan