THQ Nordic Announces New Action RTS/RPG Game: The Valiant


THQ Nordic has announced a new video game for RPG and RTS fans today. The game will see players trek through a story-driven campaign where each mission’s challenge is unique. This game is designed to bring a fresh experience to players wanting something new in the genre, and it's known as The Valiant. You can watch the announcement trailer for The Valiant below:

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In The Valiant, players take the role of Theoderich von Akenburg. One of his former brothers-in-arms, Ulrich, has become obsessed with re-uniting Aaron’s rod, an ancient and mysterious relic, and is on a reckless crusade through Europe and the Holy Land to find the missing pieces. If Ulrich succeeds, the world will face grave consequences.

Theoderich had vowed never to take up arms again, but chivalry forces him to embark on the holy quest to stop Ulrich, gathering new loyal companions along the way. THQ Nordic revealed that this game offers several unique challenges for RTS fans where decisions on and off the battlefield count. Players will have to select their forces carefully for each mission and pick their allies' appropriate skills and equipment.

The game will take on a melee-centric approach. That means no base-building elements will be featured in The Valiant. It will also offer two different multiplayer modes: competitive and cooperative. While the game's campaign is designed as a single-player experience, three friends can enjoy the Last Man Standing mode together and hold their ground against waves of enemies, including mini-bosses and bosses.

Watch the gameplay trailer for The Valiant below:

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Meanwhile, the PvP mode for The Valiant offers 1vs1 or 2v2 scenarios that consist of swift and thrilling clashes as players capture control points and build up their forces. As players earn more victories, they’ll be able to unlock a wide range of visual customization that can be leveraged throughout the game experience.

The Valiant is coming soon to PC, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, and Xbox One.

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