Thor Zone Has Their First Entry Into Small Form Factor Case Market With The MJOLNIR 9.7L – It Reached Its Kickstarter Goal in 11 Minutes

With the massive growth of the small form factor (SFF) case market, THOR ZONE has shown off its newest small form factor case. The MJOLNIR 9.7L is the second product that THOR ZONE has released with its first product being the THOR EGPU.

THOR Zone Unveils The MJOLNIR 9.7 Liter SFF PC Case, Impressive Design For Small Form Factor Gaming PC Builds!

The MJOLNIR was a project that was initially launched with a Kickstarter page and THOR ZONE was able to raise the amount they needed in 11 minutes. This case features a very small footprint with a size of 9.7 liters as mentioned in the name of the case and is classified as a mini-ITX case. The case has plenty of features.

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  • Motherboard
    • The support for the motherboard is for a mini-ITX motherboard and is thermally solvent and recommended for use with an Intel Core i9-9900K.
  • GPU Compatibility
    • The case was designed to fit in the biggest and most powerful graphics cards from AMD and NVIDIA.
  •  RAM
    • The case supports RAM with a maximum height of 55mm.
  • Power Supply
    • The case has space inside for SFX or SFX-L size power supply.
  • Storage
    • The case supports two 2.5" HDD/SSD along with an M.2 SSD.
  • Cooling
    • For air cooling, it supports two 120mm fans and also has a design that maximizes thermal performance.
    • For water cooling, it has space for a custom loop or up to 240mm AIO.
  • Dimensions
    • The case is 209 x 131 x 354 mm, so it has a relatively small footprint making it portable.
    • The volume of the case is 9.7 liters as mention in the product name.
    • The weight is 3.6kg with the performance panels and 3.4kg with the tempered glass panels
  • Thermals
    • The thermals have already been tested with an i7 8700 and an RTX 2070. They have been found to work best with an AIO as it gets a little hotter on air.
    • For a more detail overview, they have the full report available here.
  • Additional Features
    • The case features RGB lighting in the interior.
    • The case includes dust filters for the panels with cutouts.
    • The case also allows you to invert the layout and comes with a riser cable.

The case is currently available on Kickstarter and is scheduled to come out in May of 2020. The case is available in 3 color schemes: stealth, black, and steel. This is their first entry to the SFF case market and the case market in general full pricing and availability on the Kickstarter page. The case has a pre-order price of $299 ($349 US MSRP) for the standard variant and has several variants that are mentioned on the Kickstarter page which you can see for yourself.

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