This (PRODUCT) RED MacBook Air Concept Is All That We’re Asking For


Apple is not shy when it comes to introducing new colors to its products. We have previously seen how the company debuted a range of colors for the iPhone 5c, the iPhone XR, and the iPhone 11. Moreover, each handset featured a (PRODUCT) RED color with an Apple logo at the back. However, Apple never made a (PRODUCT) RED MacBook Air, or any other MacBook. Well, this stunning concept shows just that and how wonderful it would be if Apple brings it to life.

This Stunning (PRODUCT) RED MacBook Air Concept Shows Gives Us Clear Look on How The Machine Will Shine If Apple Makes it Happen

Apple's (PRODUCT) RED devices are made for a good cause and it would be great if the company expands its approach to the MacBook lineup. With that in mind, Redditor u/17parkc designed the stunning (PRODUCT) RED MacBook Air through Photoshop.

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The (PRODUCT) RED MacBook Air concept is designed wonderfully with attention to detail on the smallest of things. For instance, the laptop gets a (PRODUCT) RED branding beneath the Apple logo. Only if Apple decides to, we're sure that it would be a great buy for a lot of us.

While many laptop manufacturers have experimented with the (PRODUCT) RED look, the MacBook Air concept is sure to win hearts. At this point in time, the MacBook Air is available in Silver, Gold, and Space Gray. The Red color would be an astounding addition to the lineup. Moreover, it would make sense since it has been long that Apple introduced a new color option for the MacBook lineup. Check out the image below.

Product RED MacBook Air Concept

Apple unveiled its new series of M1-powered MacBooks a few weeks ago. While the performance and battery life on the machines are off the charts, it would have been great if a new color was launched alongside it. This would have allowed individuals to easily differentiate from last generation Intel Macs. Moreover, the (PRODUCT) RED MacBook Air would have been a great differentiation point.

As mentioned earlier, Apple's (PRODUCT) RED products are meant for good as part of the proceeds from sale goes towards fighting HIV and Aids. Currently, Apple's (PRODUCT) RED proceeds are directed towards COVID-19 relief funds. Apple also manufactures (PRODUCT) RED cases for the iPhone, which is a good option for those who want the deep red color on their non-(PRODUCT) RED devices. Nonetheless, the (PRODUCT) RED MacBook Air concept does give us hope that Apple might make it happen.

What do you think about the new concept? Would you want to see a red MacBook? Let us know in the comments.