This Chrome Extension Lets You View Instagram Stories On Web Browser


Digressing from its core purpose of sharing photos, the Facebook-owned Instagram is meandering along Snapchat's course with Instagram Stories. Since the platform is a mobile-first experience for users, the integration of new features might have to wait to reach its browser counterpart. There are many reasons why users want to move away from their smartphone screens and onto a bigger desktop view. However, Instagram Stories is uncertain to arrive on the browser for now. Nonetheless, if you want to run Instagram Stories on web browser, we'll show you how you can do it.

View Instagram Stories On Web Browser Using This Chrome Extension

For those of you who want to view Instagram Stories on a bigger, full browser resolution mode, you can do so using a Chrome extension. The Chrome extension is named as "Chrome IG Story" which you can simply add to your browser and you will see the list of your Instagram Stories at the top. This is the same as you would find in the app.

All you have to do is click on the person or page's story that you want to view and you will jump right into the lightbox view. If you're wondering about the basic interaction tools, you'll have to make use of the arrow keys to skip and 'esc' key to leave the story. The fraction given at the top left corner of the story states if the person has more than one posts, for instance 2/7 or 3/4. The operation to use Instagram Stories on web browser is not that hard. It only makes use of the physical keys instead of touch controls.

Instagram Stories

There's more to the Instagram Stories Chrome extension than just this. When you right click on the story, it presents you with an option to download a specific video or photo. It depends upon users whether they think its the invasion of their privacy or a medium for your shared content to be further shared without your consent. So it's basically your call to percolate content, anything that you share on your Instagram Story. So even if your Instagram Stories are self destructible, there's always a chance they might end up on someone's computer.

If you're interested in running Instagram Stories on desktop, you can download the Chrome extension from right here. Be sure to get it while it lasts. This is it for now folks. What are your thoughts on Instagram Stories on web browser. Share your thoughts with us in the comments.