Thermaltake Shows Off Their P200 Case – Distro Plate Case

Thermaltake is really bringing out all of their high-end products at Computex 2019. This one is no exception. They have the P200 which is for the water cooling enthusiasts because this case features a distro block and reservoir combo as the back side which is very impressive. The other big entry they have is a 360mm radiator kit with hard tubing that is named the CL360 Max D5 Water Cooling Kit.

P200 Open Air And Distro Plate Case

The cases are very impressive an open chassis as the distro plate is the only part of the cases that resemble an enclosure. For parts, including the radiator, motherboard, power supply, and 2.5-inch SSDs screw right onto the top of the case then use tubing to route the coolant from the case to the individual water blocks as needed. The only thing that holds this up from the bottom is a set of feet.  The clear case makes it look like your components are stuck on top of a giant block of RGB-enabled ice. The back surface has a slick-looking Thermaltake logo and shows you the pathways where the liquid can travel. There are so many possibilities and you can choose the color of your coolant because it doesn't come with coolant.

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Thermaltake said that it's still taking feedback on the P200's design and could make significant changes before launch. Whatever the company does, this is a very unique and attractive aesthetic, but to use it, you'd need to be comfortable not only with open-loop liquid cooling but also with the idea that your components aren't enclosed at all. Mind the problem that dust could pose to this system.

CL360 Max D5 Hard Tube Water Cooling Kit - A Kit For People Trying To Get Into Hard Tubing

Thermaltake says its Pacific CL360 Max D5 Hard Tube Water Cooling Kit includes the Riing Duo 12 RGB Radiator Fans, a Pacific W5 RGB CPU Water Block, Pacific PR22-D5 Plus Pump/Reservoir Combo, Pacific CL360 Plus RGB Radiator, a bottle of T1000 Coolant Pure Clear, eight C-Pro G14 PETG 16mm OD Compressions, eight V-Tubler PETG Tubes and other accessories. This could be the other part of your system with P200 case. These would create an RGB ecosystem of water cooling which is truly unique. Combine that with white coolant, you could theoretically have RGB coolant.

All of these are on display at Computex 2019 at their booth. The CL360 will most likely come out in the near future. The P200 does not have a set price or date as they are looking for feedback on it.

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