Thermaltake Announces The TH ARGB Sync AIO CPU Coolers


Thermaltake has announced the TH ARGB Sync AIO CPU coolers, this series of AIO coolers feature a 240 mm variant and a 120 mm variant. These AIO CPU coolers are designed to meet the demand of enthusiasts. The 240 variant features two 120 mm powerful high static pressure fans and a smart fan controller, while the 120 variant features a single 120 mm powerful high static pressure fan. Both of these AIO coolers feature with an RGB fan and RGB lights located on the CPU pump. The RGB lighting is controllable using the motherboard or software, and this AIO works with Aura, RGB Fusion, MSI Mystic Light, Polychrome RGB, and Biostar RGB Sync.

The TH ARGB Sync AIO CPU coolers have a 120 mm and a 240 mm variants that have some fantastic features that can cool even enthusiast-grade components

These AIO coolers have some fantastic features like:

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  • Smart Fan Controller
    • This Smart Fan controller allows users to switch between LED modes easily, LED colors, and LED Speeds when using a motherboard without a 5 volt addressable RGB header.
    • The LED lighting can easily switch between flow, ripple, pulse, blink, wave, full light, RGB Spectrum, and off modes with various colors and LED speeds.
  • The 120 mm Fan
    • These fans use a 4-pin PWM connector, and these fans offer a fan speed of up to 1,500 RPM and have a maximum noise output of 28.2 dBA.
  • High-Efficiency Radiator
    • These AIO coolers feature either a 240 mm or a 120 mm large surface radiator, which offers an increase in the cooling surface and provides fantastic heat dissipation.
  • High-Performance Waterblock
    • The Waterblock features a copper base plate, and the copper base plate provides a much better heat conductivity when compared to a nickel-plated water block. The coolant that has been pre-filled easily transports the heat away from the CPU to the radiator.
Source: Thermaltake
  • High-Reliability Pump
    • The CPU Waterblock features a high-quality and reliable pump that enables the maximum amount of water circulation. The low evaporation tube effectively decreases the loss of coolant, making sure that no refill is needed or required.
    • This pump has a fixed speed of 3,300 RPM speed.

This AIO cooler features an easier setup, and this AIO cooler features a maintenance-free operation requiring only a minimalistic space your computer PC chassis. This AIO cooler is Tt LCS Certified is a Thermal exclusive certification applied to producers that are designed to live up to hardcore enthusiast standards.