The Walking Dead: A New Frontier Releases Just Before Christmas

Survive the end of the world with a familiar face. Today Telltale Games revealed the release date for the highly-anticipated adventure game, The Walking Dead: A New Frontier.

A New Frontier features the return of fan-favorite Clementine from the previous seasons of The Walking Dead. This time around, you play as Javier, a man who's lost his family and is desperate trying to find. Instead, he finds Clem, the both of them having to work together to survive in a world full of undead walkers and other dangers that lurk behind every corner. I hope we get to see Clementine in more of a mentor role, much like Lee was in the first season of the series. If you're familiar with Telltale's The Walking Dead, then you'll know what kind of terrible, but necessary, decisions you need to make in order to stay alive. We know that Clementine is aware of this all too well.

The first of five episodes in The Walking Dead: A New Frontier will be available December 20th on PC, Xbox and Xbox One, PS4 and PS3, and iOS and Android. In case you're wondering, there is going to be a Season Pass retail disc for PS4 and Xbox One that will be made available on February 7th.

If you preorder digitally on the PlayStation 4, you'll get a free copy of The Walking Dead: Season Two and The Walking Dead: Michonne, while Steam users can preorder now with a 10% discount. Be sure to check out our thoughts on The Walking Dead: Michonne in our reviews of each episode.

Expect to see more information on The Walking Dead: A New Frontier at Geoff Keighley's The Game Awards 2016, where Telltale Games will premiere a special extended look at the first episode. Below you can have a look at the box art for the retail version of The Walking Dead: A New Frontier on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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