The Wackiest Cases Of Computex 2019


Computex 2019 wrapped up yesterday and today we have for you our compilation of the wackiest cases and mods we saw at Computex 2019. These featured absolutely insane designs as you can expect from one of the largest trade shows in the world and we thought this would make a good viewing for our readership. So without any further ado, here are some of the wackiest PC cases we saw!

Wackiest PC Cases and Mods at Computex 2019

This particular "Ice Cube" inspired Mod was running liquid nitrogen inside!

If anyone fancies the old steampunk style along with a little typewriter pizzaz, this is the mod for them! Are those AZIO keycaps we spot?

Talk about a high quality mod! This futuristic tank-shaped mod had us drooling all over the show floor.

Klevv wants you to know that you can make cool looking spherical PCs using their parts!

APEX treasure chest! Apex inspired mods were particularly abundant at this Computex, indicating the game's popularity.

Another APEX Legends inspired mod.

I remember someone asking for a PC mod inside the Intel retail box. This is much bigger than that but does do that in spirit!

All this walking around the showfloor had us tired and thirsty, good thing Heineken had its own draft beer serving PC mod available for some quick refreshment.  To those wondering, yes that serves actual beer.

Is a super tall PC your thing? well look no further than this G.Skill design

A pirates chest PC mod with almost no functioning PC parts visible.

A PC Mod shaped like the RAM!

iGame's mods have always been great.

So apparently, this is a production design and you can actually buy this!

GALAX's sleek and race-car design looks absolutely killer.

Another creepy crawley inspired case with RGB!

Speeking of race cars, will you take a look at this iGame mod.

I think my personal favorite however was the skull based one - featured in the start - it featured breathtaking detail and was honestly something I wanted to grab and just run away with. Well, that is all for this particular post ladies and gents. I am sure I missed a few so feel free to post em in the comments section.