The Sinking City Dev Got Backlash For Epic Games Store Exclusivity, But It Was Important for the Studio

Francesco De Meo
The Sinking City Frogwares

The Sinking City finally releases this week on PC and consoles, but not all those who have been waiting for the game to launch will be getting it in the next few days, as the PC version is coming first to the Epic Games Store. Many have voiced their disappointment over these timed exclusives, and we have asked Frogwares if they did get some backlash for their decision.

During E3 2019, The Sinking City dev Frogwares’ Sergey Oganesyan talked about disappointed fans who made their disappointment known to the team. Despite the frustration, which the team understands, the decision to release The Sinking City on the Epic Games Store is important for the team's future.

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We have people being disappointed with this decision. We even have people being very angry about this decision. We have people being frustrated about this decision. And we have people who are okay with this decision, obviously. On our Facebook page, on our YouTube channel, yes, we get comments from people who are not happy because they will not be able to play this game on their favorite storefront this year. We understand the frustration. At the same time, we ask the players to understand that we had to make this choice as it is important for our future as a game development company. So it’s a huge boost to us being able to develop more games for so many platforms. But yes, I do understand the frustration.

The Sinking City releases on PC as well as on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One this week, on June 27th. The game has also been announced for Nintendo Switch, but this version of the game has just entered development, so a release date has yet to be confirmed.

In case you are curious about the game, but still on the fence about it, expect to read a review of the game in the coming days.

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