The Quickest Way to Share Your Location with Someone Using iMessage [iOS Tips]


Want to send over your current location to someone quickly and easily using iMessage on your iPhone or iPad? We'll show you how to do just that.

Although location sharing is a controversial topic but sometimes you might want to do so for the sake of convenience to someone else. For example, a friend needs to know exactly where you are so they can catch up with you at the very same spot, therefore in that case sending over your current location via iMessage is the way to go, assuming the other party has an iPhone or iPad in the first place.

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The process of sharing location with anyone on iMessage is pretty simple, really. You just launch the Messages app, find the person with whom you want to share your location with, tap on the name of the person at the top, then the 'info' button, then obviously 'Send My Current Location.' Okay, that might not be that simple at all. Let's cut down a few steps and make it slightly more easier for everyone.

Note: This method works only if you have the Predictive option enabled in Keyboard settings. Navigate to Settings > General > Keyboard and flick the Predictive toggle to the ON position as shown in the screenshot below.


With that out of the way, open up Messages again, and bring up the conversation in which you want to share your current location. Now type 'I'm at' followed by a space and you'll immediately see a suggestion for sharing your location. Tap on 'Current Location' and your position will be immediately sent over to the other person. Far more convenient than the other (and usual) method, isn't it?


It's an extremely small little tip which many of you will find useful down the line. In fact, you can even use the predictive feature of the iPhone or iPad to thrown in an emoji or two. Simply type 'pizza' or 'burger' and you'll see the appropriate emoji in the predictive bar right above the keyboard. This allows you to bypass the emoji board altogether and throw in a smiley or two without much fuss.

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But for now, let's stick with the practice of sharing location with our loved ones, shall we?

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