The Outer Worlds Nintendo Switch Graphics and Performance Are Vastly Improved By Modding


The Outer Worlds on Nintendo Switch can be made to look and perform much better with modding, as shown in a new video

The video shared by ContraNetwork highlights how an overclocked console and some tweaking to the graphics settings can vastly improve the game's visuals and frame rate, which manages to stay close too 30 FPS even during combat. The video focuses on docked mode, but the improvements should be noticeable in handheld mode as well.

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This amateur mod adds some improvements, such as distance, shadows and some textures. In this video I show you how the The Outer Worlds (Docked) game can change with a boost of: CPU=1785 | GPU=844 | MEM=1600

First footage of The Outer Worlds on Nintendo Switch suggested that the port was decent, given the console's limitations, but more in-depth looks showed how the game is plagued by a lot of issues and bad visuals, which haven't been improved a whole lot with the day one update that promised to at least improve texture quality.

It is a shame that the game runs so badly on Nintendo Switch, as The Outer Worlds is a very good role-playing game that offers everything you'd expect from a game developed by Obsidian.

The Outer Worlds is pretty much exactly what you'd expect from Obsidian. The first-person action RPG features a great setting, fantastic writing and remarkable, complex characters to meet. The moment-to-moment gameplay isn't as exciting, though, failing to measure up with the best in the genre. Still, there's plenty to like here as long as you know what you're getting into, not to mention the potential for a sequel to be much better, particularly if the developers had a higher budget to work with.

The Outer Worlds is now available on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.