The New Pixel 6 Ad Takes a Cheeky Shot at LG


The Google Pixel 6 series is shaping into one of the most exciting Pixel phone lineups in years. If the impressive set of specs was not enough, Google's marketing department had been hard at work before the phone was officially out, and well, they have some entertaining ads for us.

Google has now released a new Pixel 6 video on YouTube to promote the flagship device; the video lists 113 reasons why people should be switching to the Pixel line, and one of the reasons suggests "when the maker of your old phone stops making phones."

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Google's New Ad for Pixel 6 Lineup is Full of Reasons You Should Switch to the New Phone

You can check the ad below.

The line references LG and its sad exit from the smartphone market that happened earlier this year. Some might call it a low blow, but Google's decision to develop this line seems rather tactic. This could also suggest that Google is hoping to gain some market share, considering how LG was a big player in the Android smartphone market.

Thankfully, the video is still tastefully done and not just a taunt as it mentions some of the more legitimate selling points of the camera experience, features, car crash detection, and battery life.

Safe to say that the Google Pixel 6 lineup is perfect. While I am not upgrading this year, if Google continues with the Pixel 7 series, I might jump ship for once and see the stock experience. My last stock Android experience was with the Galaxy Nexus, and the limited storage aside, I genuinely enjoyed the phone.

Have you upgraded to the Pixel 6 or the Pixel 6 Pro yet? Let us know how your experience has been regarding the phone.

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