The Legend of Heroes: Zero no Kiseki English Patch 1.0.2 Improves Rendering Performance, Fixes Several Issues and More

The Legend of Heroes: Zero no Kiseki

A new update has been released for The Legend of Heroes: Zero no Kiseki English translation patch, introducing improvements, new functionality and a variety of fixes.

The 1.0.2 update introduces select improvements to the experience, such as improved rendering performance and improved save menu performance on non-solid state drives.

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  • Fixed an issue where the mod was allocating extra resources on every PNG load, eventually leading to a memory leak characterized by white textures and a non-functional save menu (JoseJL).
  • Fixed an issue where the save menu would not function without the savefile game data folder (Ribose).
  • Fixed a crash if the message log is empty when opened (JoseJL).
  • Implemented the “auto-advance delay” setting into the UI and corrected its behavior. Now it properly delays the auto-advance by the given milliseconds, and it does not double advance (Ribose).
  • Fixed an issue where the targeting would get stuck in battle when playing with keyboard or controller. Previously, this was caused by the location of the mouse cursor over the units, and was thus mitigated by the player changing the battle rotation or moving the mouse (JoseJL).
  • Fixed 59 Hz display settings being stepped down to 30 FPS mode (Ribose).
  • The selection cursor animation is now affected by turbo in the save menu and message log (Ribose).
  • Improved rendering performance, especially for certain Intel GPUs (JoseJL).
  • Adjusted window render size failsafe to occur earlier, fixing ultrawide displays that would otherwise crash on first launch (5120×1440 has a dimension above 4096, the highest supported). Also fixes the rare potentiality of settings inconsistency on the first launch (Ribose).
  • Removed Tinyformat and use STB sprintf in most places instead, which should address a certain potential crash (Ribose).
  • Fixed the message log storing 501 items instead of 500, and more strictly remove items from it on load and adding items. Fixes a buffer overrun that was causing many items to appear to have a voice to play when they didn’t (Ribose).
  • Implemented a new setting under “Controller” called “Update on device change”. For players with wireless Xbox controllers and certain other controllers that are experiencing frequent brief freezes or crashes, try disabling this setting and only manually updating your controllers using the “Update” button (Ribose).
  • Fixed an instance of Lloyd being voiced in both “included” and “additional” voice acting when both are enabled during the first scene in Central Square (Ribose).
  • Fixed the movie_evo support not scaling the video or subtitles properly (Ribose).
  • Fixed and simplified the Dpad and analog stick input code. Controller field movement should now be actually 360 degrees like mouse movement is (Ribose).
  • Stripped out the Tinyformat library. The mod now uses STB sprintf() everywhere it can. This may fix crashes for some players when they try to open the Options menu (Ribose).
  • Fixed a resource leak that leads to crashing after a shimmer effect (JoseJL).
  • Minor adjustments to improve save menu performance on non-solid state drives (Ribose).

The Legend of Heroes: Zero no Kiseki English patch 1.0.2 update also fixes some typos, untranslated textures and subtitle timing on the ending movie. Improvements for the ZeroLauncher are also included. The full update notes can be found on GeoFront's website.

The Legend of Heroes: Zero no Kiseki has yet to be released officially in the West. The next entry of the series to release in North America and Europe will be Trails of Cold Steel IV, launching later this year on PlayStation 4 and next year on PC and Nintendo Switch.

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