The Last of Us Part II Seattle City Comparison Shows Naughty Dog’s Stunning Attention to Detail and Rendering Fidelity

the last of us part II seattle comparison

A The Last of Us Part II Seattle City comparison video has surfaced, comparing in-game Seattle to the city in real-life, and Naughty Dog’s efforts are incredible, to say the least.

The Last of Us Part II is a technical masterpiece on Sony’s console and probably the best-looking PlayStation 4 title to date. Developer Naughty Dog has always been pushing boundaries with its games, and the Santa Monica-based studio is known for its spectacular attention to detail. What the wizards at the studio have accomplished with The Last of Us Part II, however, is on another level.

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As can be seen in the comparison video below, the studio’s attention to detail and visual fidelity is truly impressive, and some might argue that ‘apocalyptic’ Seattle looks even better than the city in real-life. Check out the video down below  and judge for yourself:

The Last of Us Part II is available globally now for PlayStation 4. As covered yesterday, the sequel to 2013’s The Last of Us experienced the biggest game launch in the UK this year and has already become Sony’s fastest-selling game of this generation, thereby beating Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End.

Our very own Kai Powell reviewed Naughty Dog’s latest title and gave it well-deserved 9.5. We’ve included a part of his review down below.

The Last of Us Part II's AI is bloody fantastic and among the best that I've seen in a stealth game. Each faction that you go toe-to-toe with often outnumbers you greatly and uses those numbers to their advantage differently. When trying to escape a band of Seraphites, they'll often use the overgrowth of Seattle fauna to hide from view and communicate through whistling calls when they spot the player, while the WLF might take a more militaristic approach. Enemies all feel like they behave differently with various levels of aggression AI and it's rare to be able to take the same critical path through an encounter between playthroughs (and I absolutely picked up and started my second playthrough once I had time to digest the ending). Most encounters end with some sort of locked door or obstacle to clear that both takes time to clear and causes a lot of noise. If you are immensely careful and able to use stealth to your advantage, sometimes it's possible to make it through without adding another tick to Ellie's growing body count.

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