The Last of Us 3 Might Have Been Teased by the Series’ Composer

Aernout van de Velde
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The Last of Us composer Gustavo Santaolalla might have teased the next installment in the series, The Last of Us 3.

Naughty Dog’s highly-anticipated sequel to 2013’s The Last of Us, The Last of Us Part II, was released last year, and while it might not have been everyone’s cup of tea, there’s no doubt that the title raised the bar when it comes to storytelling, realism, and animation.

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For this year’s Game Awards, the title has been nominated for numerous awards, including Game of the Year 2020, best narrative, best audio, best innovation in accessibility, best storytelling, and various others.

Development on The Last of Us Part II kicked off back in 2014, and from the looks of it, Naughty Dog might very well already be working on The Last of Us Part III. At least, that’s what a new tweet from composer Gustavo Santaolalla might imply.

Taking to Twitter to thank for the numerous nominations that The Last of Us Part II received, the composer said that his work on the sequel (he also composed the soundtrack for the original game), was “just the beginning”, thereby suggesting that he’s also involved with The Last of Us 3.

Of course, there’s also the possibility that the composer is referring to his involvement with the upcoming The Last of Us HBO series. Based on his wording, however, and tagging PlayStation in his tweet, him teasing a new The Last of Us installment is more likely.

We’ll keep you updated once we learn more about Naughty Dog’s future plans.

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