The iClever BoostStrip is an All-in-One Charging Solution for Tech Fanatics, Features 4 USB Ports [$16.99 Only]


Looking to grab yourself a new power strip that does it all? iClever's BoostStrip is what you need in your life and it happens to be discounted today too.

Here's an entirely made up stat: there are probably more power strips than actual smart devices out there. But, in the year 2019, if you are looking to buy a power strip for yourself, then there are a few criteria which you have to fulfill. You just can't go and pick up a random power strip and call it a day.

First criteria is a simple one: it should have AC ports (obviously). Second criteria: it should have USB ports. Luckily, the iClever BoostStrip has both. It has 3 AC outlets and a total of 4 USB-A ports to charge up your devices. But wait, you also get a handy button for either turning on/off the USB-A ports or the AC power outlets.


The unique design of this power strip allows you to cradle your smartphone in the middle of the cutaway. And those USB-A ports, well, they're packed with smart features too. They will detect which device is connected, therefore sending the fastest and safest possible charge when needed. In other words: you will be juicing up fast regardless of which device you connect.

If you are interested in this awesome product, then you can find more details in the link below.

Buy iClever BoostStrip IC-BS02 Smart Power Strip - Was $20, Now just $16.99 using discount code IC3A4U12